Save Legitimate Locksmith Number in Your Phone

So That When You Need You Won’t Fall Prey to an Unscrupulous One.

If you search on Google right now for “locksmith,” the first few sponsored ads- the ones that advertise service for $15 or so- are from a highly unscrupulous service. That $15 is just the “service charge” and the actual charge is just going to be whatever the technician, who is probably not a licensed locksmith, can sweet-talk and bully you into paying. And then, their techniques are crude at best and needlessly destructive at worst. Search for “locksmith scam” on Youtube for examples.

– I’ve come across several customers who were shocked at how low our prices were (I’m a licensed locksmith) because they’d been previously duped into paying far, far more than they should have for a service. One poor girl ended up paying close to $300 for some goon to come open up her car, and an old man got ripped off for almost $500 to have someone open up his house one night.

– So, Follow these locksmith tips before hiring a locksmith over phone:

1. Find out if they are ALOA certified. Check for this.

2. Ask for a quote over the phone. Do not use any locksmith that cannot quote you a specific price range over the phone, once you’ve told them the situation, and instead says that they’re going to have to check it out once they get there. Especially if it’s just to unlock your car.

3. Do not use any locksmith that does not have a physical address in your city, even if it’s just a dispatch office.

– Also, don’t try to open up your car with a screwdriver and a clothes hanger. You’re going to tear up the weather stripping and scratch the paint and bend the metal, and it’ll cost you more in the long run.

Any Question about locksmith services? Ask me anything. I am professional locksmith in Alpharetta, GA