Why Only Professional Locksmiths For Lock Problems..?

Have you locked yourself out of your house? Do you want rekeying of your locks? Do you want to install new lock on your front door? Have you misplaced your car or home keys? Keys are the most common thing that is always misplaced or forgotten. Whenever you face with all these situations, which is the best way to deal with it? No other then calling professional locksmiths. Everyone wants to save money these days and many people will advise you to contact non- professional locksmith for your lock problems as they will charge you less money. But there is a huge difference between both of them. Do not risk all your security system with these unprofessional locksmiths. You might end up spending more just to fix mistakes of unprofessional work done by these locksmiths. Here are some more advantages of professional locksmiths which will make sure that next time you will only call them for any of your problems related to lock.

Advantages of Professional Locksmiths

  • Available 24 hours for your help- Think of a situation that you reached your home late night with your family from a trip and you lost your keys and at this time your local locksmith or handyman are also not available to help you. So, now who will be there to help you? Of course a professional locksmith. A professional locksmith company has a staff of highly trained, courteous and experienced locksmiths who can respond to your call 24 hours a day and seven days a week including holidays. They will arrive immediately at your location with all the required tools.
  • Cutting of keys- A professional locksmith can provide you a copy of your lock keys, which you may need in case you lost your pair of keys somewhere.lock keys
  • Handle any type of locks- Professional locksmith companies are fully capable of handling various types of locks and well known high security locks like deadbolts, knobs, key cylinders, levers, door viewers, safes etc.Handle  type of locks
  • Experienced- We all know that experience is the best knowledge. The top issue about a professional locksmith is that he is effectively experienced in his work. He is very well informed from the improvements in the technological know- how. Also he is able to recommend you which kind of security devices are best for you home or place of work.
  • Replace combinations of locks and keys- It is common that people forget the combination of their locks. If you are also one of them, you can hire professional locksmith to replace the combination of your keys without damaging it.Replace combinations of locks and keys
  • Replace the entire lock system- A professional locksmith can replace the entire lock system in an easy way. They have different types of picking tools with them for this purpose like ball pick, warded pick, rare pick etc. Using all these picking tools in the right angles is an essential need to complete the task, and only a professional locksmith can do this.Locks

For quick emergency service when locked out of a car or home, professional locksmiths can get the job done within the shortest time possible. Do not risk your home or office with any other unprofessional locksmith.

Tackle Lock Problems With Reliable Locksmith in Alpharetta

What protects your house when you are on a vacation trip with your family? Who provide safety to your house when you go outside for shopping or to visit another place? On which thing you trust most for safety of your shop, vehicle, business and many other things? The answer is simple, locks. Locks secure our houses, important business documents, money, our shops and vehicles. Variety of Locks are available in the market like pad locks, cam locks, electrical locks etc. But sometimes locks also create a fuss for us.

Imagine what happens if you lost your keys or if a shortage of wire happens in your electrical lock? In such a situation only a professional locksmith can help you out. No matter, if it is your car lock problem or your home lock problem locksmiths are always there to help you any time anyplace.

Home Locks

We all when go outside or leave our shop or office after work, we lock them so that our things stay safe. But sometimes lock becomes the reason for our frustration and stress. The solutions of your problems are as under:Locks

  • Make Sure It is the Right Key- Sometimes, when you want to enter in your house or shop quickly, you try the wrong key many times. So, first of all check that you are using the correct key.
  • Frozen Lock – This problem occurs due to very much cold. A quick way to fix the frozen lock is to heat the lock with dryer. You can also do with the help of a candle.
  • Lock is Stuck – If your lock is stuck, lubricate your cylinder by spraying a little graphite.
  • Call the Professional- You can’t solve some issues yourself like if the key gets stuck within the lock and some part of key is broken in the lock. So, call a professional residential locksmith who will solve all your problems.

Things should be done to make your home secure

  • Install a peephole so that you can see who is knocking before you open the door.
  • Install security cameras in your house.
  • Install only a top quality lockset.
  • Replace the exterior hollow doors with the solid ones.
  • Only get your house locks change by a trusted and professional locksmith.

  Car Locks

At the time of maintenance, car door locks are neglected many times but they are the essential part of car maintenance as they are susceptible to many problems like rusting and jamming of lock. The solutions of your problems are as under:Car Lockout Alpharetta

  • Lubricate the lock- Lubricate the door lock tumblers with the aerosol can or with the tube of graphite powder as your car door locks are vulnerable to moisture, sweat and contaminants found in the air.
  • Make sure your key is OK. – Check the key that it is not worn or broken.
  • Check the battery- Make sure your battery is not dead or dying if you use your key fob to open lock.
  • Door lock motor- Check the door lock motor as it controls unlock and lock switch by unhooking the rod on the motor.

Call the locksmith- If all the above methods does not work or If you are using electric lock then many problems can occur like shortage of wire etc. These types of problems can only be handled by automotive locksmith and the locksmith has special tools and technology to solve the problem.

How To Make Your Automobile Secure

  • Always remove important things from your car or hide them under the seats.
  • Have an alarm fitted in the car.
  • Always be careful of your keys.

Advantages of Locksmith Services

  • When your keys are lost- When your keys are lost, then the locksmith services will help you to enter your house without damaging the lock.
  • Replaces broken keys- Locksmith services replaces your broken keys with new keys.
  • Best in emergency situations- By mistake, if you locked your child in the car, locksmith services will help you to open the car door by using new modern techniques.
  • Secure- A licensed locksmith will provide effective security to your home and shop as their services are of high quality.
  • Peace of mind- When you go outside in vacations and you have no choice but to leave your house. In this situation you have peace in your mind because of the efficient security system installed in your house by locksmith.
  • Prevent crime- If the thieves find out that you have installed modern techniques of technology, they will never think of entering in your house.
  • Installation of electrical security system- Locksmith services can make your all security system electrical so that there is no or very less chance of mistake in it. They will provide you with remote instead of keys to open locks.

Don’t Panic When Your Kids Or Pets Get Locked Inside The Car

There are many cases where the kids or pets get locked inside the car. It happens within seconds as in some cases the kids playing inside car get locked themselves but the situation is under control because we have the keys but imagine if the keys are also there and your kid is unable to act wisely.

Sometimes we being busy in our work forget to take our kids with us like the mothers having toddlers; they keep their belonging likes keys in the bags having kid’s accessories. Whenever they go out in car with their toddler it is advisable to keep their kid and keys etc with them but sometimes being responding to the current situation in parking lot or at gas station or in store they lock their car in hurry.locked inside car

Yes, the situation is quite disturbing but keeping cool can solve the problem rather than raising your beat. Here are some tips to be followed in such situations or avoiding these situations.

  1. Always keep your keys with yourself and also the belongings e.g. cell phones etc for calling someone for help if such situation arises in life.
  2. Always equip yourself with all the helpline numbers that include 911 as well as of locksmith service company like Alpharetta Locksmith Solution   Phone:   404-445-0806
  3. Leave the door of your car open while loading or unloading things.
  4. Every moment you move out of your car does check for the keys and locks etc.
  5. Last but not the least, always keep your head cool and act.

How To Protect Your Home Locks From Bump Keys And Picking Attempts

A relatively new security problem is the threat of “bumping,” in which someone with a ‘bump key’ can open most locks that are commonly used in homes…

The bump key threat is a real problem to about 95% of the locks in America. Lock Bumping is the art of opening a lock with a modified key, commonly called ‘bump keys’.  A properly skilled lock bumper can open a door in UNDER 10 SECONDS !

Bumping attacks are becoming widespread as bump keys can be used to unlock most standard residential cylinder locks which are not bump resistant.

Today, I am going to share the Ideas to protect your home locks from Bump Keys and Picking attempts with silicone o-ring sections.

Silicone O-rings are available from many O-ring suppliers. I usually ask for something in the #150 to #200 size in orange silicone. I cut a section and load it into the top shell using my pin tweezers and the plug follower.


This does not work on locks with loose fitting caps like old school kwiksets. as the cap cannot retain the o-ring tension. this makes it impossible to shim the locks open if you can get to the back.. there is little chance of your shim withstanding the pressure that makes this so secure a fix. you might want to modify a bottom pin into a top pin by filing most of the tip off it so the spring tension does not catch the sides when the pins approach the shear line. this will not reduce your security significantly but it will make the key easier to operate as the key wears.. you may also want to file the end of the key flat past the last cut.. so it does not have to compress that pin above the shear line.. edit . like this. UUUUL.

This will put a stop to bump keys and picking thru pin tumbler locks. I actually tried about 10 years ago to get this thru to lock manufacturers but they wanted nothing to do with it. it was like i was fixing something that was not broken. so I pass this to the rest of you to protect your own property with something that it will take significantly more force to defeat. and don’t ever get locked out without a key.. You will be cussing my name as you cut holes in your door.

Note: This is for some installations where people don’t want any chance of a bump key or the locks being picked.. high secure doors.. think.. the doors on your lock shop is why i posted it here.. the doors on your personal homes. for people who want NO INTRUSION.. like Sneak and peaks from happening. I won’t mention that i also have drilled into the bottom of the plug right into the keyway with my small drill press and inserted a master pin to stop the key from being fully inserted unless it has a notch.. this stops a conventional bump key from being fully inserted.. but other locks have this also. .

Expert Advice On Lock Problems & Their Solutions

Locks play a key role in security of our houses, automobiles and business. There is a variety of locks in market. But sometimes locks put you in a very difficult situation where only a professional locksmith can get you out. Whether it’s a home lock problem or car lock professional locksmiths provide you help any time anywhere.


Lock systems ensure the safety of our homes. But sometimes locks stop working properly and cause a lot of hassle and stress. If you have a problem with a lock, try the following steps.Lock System

  • Check the key: Make sure that you are using the right key.
  • Lubricate: Spray a little graphite in cylinder for lubrication
  • Professional Help: If above methods won’t work , call a professional locksmith who can solve all your lock problems.


  • Choose strong and solid doors for your house.
  • Before going out check that all the doors and windows properly locked.
  • Keep a peep hole in your front door to identify callers before let them enter into your house.
  • Avoid holding doors open for unwanted people to come in.
  • Inform only a few and reliable people that you are going on a holiday.
  • If you want to change the locks of your house, get the job done by a qualified locksmith.


Car door locks are suspectible to various problems such as rusting and jamming of lock. Car door locks are most neglected part while maintainence services. If your car door lock stuck you should try the following to fix the problemCar Lockout Alpharetta

  • Lubricate: The first simple thing you can do is lubricate the door lock tumblers. You can use an aerosol can or tube of graphite powder.
  • Check the Key : Many times the key is worn or broken. In such case use a duplicate key if you have or get a new key from the dealer.
  • Check the Lock Cylinder: Check the lock cylinder with a flash light and see if all the rods are properly aligned.
  • Check the Door Lock Motor: Check door lock motor by unhooking the rod on the motor. If it works it means door lock need a replacement.
  • Call a Locksmith : If all the above mentioned methods doesn’t work then you need to call a locksmith. A locksmith have special tools to unlock your car.


  • Always remove your important things from your car. If there is need to leave things in car, hide them under the seats.
  • If your car has an alarm fitted, use it whenever possible. If you don’t have a car alarm, invest in a steering.

Services offered by Our Locksmith Technicians

  • Emergency Lockout Services : In case an infant is locked in vehicle, Lock smith service help you to open the Car door with a special tool.
  • Loss of Keys : Locksmith Services help you enter your house or vehicle in case of loss of keys without damaging the lock.
  • Replacement of Broken keys : Locksmith services also replace your broken or lost keys.
  • Installation of Security System :Intercom Systems Alpharetta Modern Locksmith Services also offer installation of security systems in your houses as well as at commercial places to protect your house and business against burglars.
  • Repair & Replacement: Locksmith Services offer you repair and replacement of any kind of lock mechanism.
  • Keyless Entry: Alpharetta Locksmith Solutions offer you keyless entry in your home or vehicle with help of remotes.




[PPT]Know About Different Types of Locks Available!!

A locksmith may specialize in one aspect of the skill, such as an automotive lock specialist, a master key system specialist or a safe technician. Many also act as security consultants, but not all security consultants have the skills and knowledge of a locksmith.
Lets Update our knowledge in this PPT!!


Save Legitimate Locksmith Number in Your Phone

So That When You Need You Won’t Fall Prey to an Unscrupulous One.

If you search on Google right now for “locksmith,” the first few sponsored ads- the ones that advertise service for $15 or so- are from a highly unscrupulous service. That $15 is just the “service charge” and the actual charge is just going to be whatever the technician, who is probably not a licensed locksmith, can sweet-talk and bully you into paying. And then, their techniques are crude at best and needlessly destructive at worst. Search for “locksmith scam” on Youtube for examples.

– I’ve come across several customers who were shocked at how low our prices were (I’m a licensed locksmith) because they’d been previously duped into paying far, far more than they should have for a service. One poor girl ended up paying close to $300 for some goon to come open up her car, and an old man got ripped off for almost $500 to have someone open up his house one night.

– So, Follow these locksmith tips before hiring a locksmith over phone:

1. Find out if they are ALOA certified. Check http://www.findalocksmith.com for this.

2. Ask for a quote over the phone. Do not use any locksmith that cannot quote you a specific price range over the phone, once you’ve told them the situation, and instead says that they’re going to have to check it out once they get there. Especially if it’s just to unlock your car.

3. Do not use any locksmith that does not have a physical address in your city, even if it’s just a dispatch office.

– Also, don’t try to open up your car with a screwdriver and a clothes hanger. You’re going to tear up the weather stripping and scratch the paint and bend the metal, and it’ll cost you more in the long run.

Any Question about locksmith services? Ask me anything. I am professional locksmith in Alpharetta, GA