Don’t Panic When Your Kids Or Pets Get Locked Inside The Car

There are many cases where the kids or pets get locked inside the car. It happens within seconds as in some cases the kids playing inside car get locked themselves but the situation is under control because we have the keys but imagine if the keys are also there and your kid is unable to act wisely.

Sometimes we being busy in our work forget to take our kids with us like the mothers having toddlers; they keep their belonging likes keys in the bags having kid’s accessories. Whenever they go out in car with their toddler it is advisable to keep their kid and keys etc with them but sometimes being responding to the current situation in parking lot or at gas station or in store they lock their car in hurry.locked inside car

Yes, the situation is quite disturbing but keeping cool can solve the problem rather than raising your beat. Here are some tips to be followed in such situations or avoiding these situations.

  1. Always keep your keys with yourself and also the belongings e.g. cell phones etc for calling someone for help if such situation arises in life.
  2. Always equip yourself with all the helpline numbers that include 911 as well as of locksmith service company like Alpharetta Locksmith Solution   Phone:   404-445-0806
  3. Leave the door of your car open while loading or unloading things.
  4. Every moment you move out of your car does check for the keys and locks etc.
  5. Last but not the least, always keep your head cool and act.

How To Protect Your Home Locks From Bump Keys And Picking Attempts

A relatively new security problem is the threat of “bumping,” in which someone with a ‘bump key’ can open most locks that are commonly used in homes…

The bump key threat is a real problem to about 95% of the locks in America. Lock Bumping is the art of opening a lock with a modified key, commonly called ‘bump keys’.  A properly skilled lock bumper can open a door in UNDER 10 SECONDS !

Bumping attacks are becoming widespread as bump keys can be used to unlock most standard residential cylinder locks which are not bump resistant.

Today, I am going to share the Ideas to protect your home locks from Bump Keys and Picking attempts with silicone o-ring sections.

Silicone O-rings are available from many O-ring suppliers. I usually ask for something in the #150 to #200 size in orange silicone. I cut a section and load it into the top shell using my pin tweezers and the plug follower.

This does not work on locks with loose fitting caps like old school kwiksets. as the cap cannot retain the o-ring tension. this makes it impossible to shim the locks open if you can get to the back.. there is little chance of your shim withstanding the pressure that makes this so secure a fix. you might want to modify a bottom pin into a top pin by filing most of the tip off it so the spring tension does not catch the sides when the pins approach the shear line. this will not reduce your security significantly but it will make the key easier to operate as the key wears.. you may also want to file the end of the key flat past the last cut.. so it does not have to compress that pin above the shear line.. edit . like this. UUUUL.

This will put a stop to bump keys and picking thru pin tumbler locks. I actually tried about 10 years ago to get this thru to lock manufacturers but they wanted nothing to do with it. it was like i was fixing something that was not broken. so I pass this to the rest of you to protect your own property with something that it will take significantly more force to defeat. and don’t ever get locked out without a key.. You will be cussing my name as you cut holes in your door.

Note: This is for some installations where people don’t want any chance of a bump key or the locks being picked.. high secure doors.. think.. the doors on your lock shop is why i posted it here.. the doors on your personal homes. for people who want NO INTRUSION.. like Sneak and peaks from happening. I won’t mention that i also have drilled into the bottom of the plug right into the keyway with my small drill press and inserted a master pin to stop the key from being fully inserted unless it has a notch.. this stops a conventional bump key from being fully inserted.. but other locks have this also. .